Sinergium Biotech present at the PAHO Dialogue

It was an honor for SINERGIUM Biotech, together with Fernando Lobos to have participated last March 14 in the Dialogue: Opportunities and Challenges for Increasing Vaccine Innovation and Production Capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean, held by Pan American Health Organization.

Today I spoke with health technology innovation and production institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean to learn more about the challenges they face and how together we can improve equitable access to these critical inputs. We know that the production of vaccines, medicines and strategic supplies is geographically concentrated in the world, which contributes to the vulnerability of many countries. This calls us to redouble our efforts to strengthen capabilities, and the Pan American Health Organization is committed to assuming a transformative role to support regional innovation and production. [Jarbas Barbosa, Director at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/AMRO)]

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