Hepatitis A

Technology transfer and tender won: Sinergium biotech creates a strong alliance with the company Sinovac in order to complete a new technology transfer for the production of the hepatitis A vaccine.

The successful introduction of a vaccine into an immunization program is a significant achievement for any country, with vaccines being a fundamental tool in disease prevention. Its availability and adequate coverage can have a positive impact on the health of the population. Argentina has demonstrated notable success in implementing a vaccination scheme against Hepatitis A, being a model in the region of the Americas, which has contributed to the reduction of cases of this disease and the protection of the health of its citizens.

In this context, Sinergium Biotech, as a pharmaceutical company, plays an essential role in the production and distribution of vaccines in our country. Through the replication of successful cases of technology transfer, our company has partnered with Sinovac to complete a technological transfer for the production of the Hepatitis A vaccine. During the year 2023, our company has taken the first step to finalize this alliance by participating in the public tender for the supply of 710,000 doses of vaccines for adults and children. Recently, our offer has been the only one valid for the award because it has the lowest price and complies with all the conditions required by the specifications. With our VAXIPAT vaccine, we have the opportunity to significantly contribute to improving vaccination coverage next year at a price lower than what Argentina would have accessed through the Revolving Fund of the Pan American Health Organization, competing with the largest multinational laboratories.

This implies that more Argentines will have access to vaccines produced by an Argentine company, recognized as a model in the region. Through its commitment to vaccine production and distribution, Sinergium Biotech can help ensure that a greater number of Argentines receive the Hepatitis A vaccine and other essential vaccines. This not only protects individuals from potentially serious diseases, but also contributes to herd immunity and overall public health.

About Sinovac:

Sinovac Biotech is a Chinese biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of vaccines, including Healive (hepatitis A). The company is headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing.


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