Cookies Policy

We inform you that Sinergium Biotech uses a technology called «Cookies» for the purpose of enhancing Users’ navigation and providing you with information while using our Website.


What are cookies?

A Cookie is a file that can be stored in your computer or mobile to collect data that can be updated and retrieved by the company that stored them, that is to say, Sinergium Biotech. This may include the pages you have visited, choices you made on menus, any specific information you entered in the forms, and the time and date of your visit. Regarding their use and content, cookies can be used to recognize the User.


What types of cookies do we use and what for?

When navigating the Website, Users are using Sinergium Biotech cookies and those of third parties. Third-party cookies are those managed by service providers external to Sinergium Biotech. Our Website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Session Cookies engineered to collect and store data while the User accesses the Website. In general, they are used regarding the rendering of a service requested by the User only once.
  • Permanent or Persistent Cookies are data files able to render services with the User’s preferences, adjustments, and information for future visits. Persistent cookies provide fast and suitable access to familiar objects, which enhances User’s experience.
  • Analytic Cookies, these Cookies are used to track and analyze the User’s behavior. If these Cookies are disabled, the Website shall continue functioning, even though the information collected by these Cookies allows us to improve our Website.

This Website collects User information by storing the following cookies in the User’s hard drive. The information stored in the cookies does not personally identify nor store confidential information, such as the e-mail address of the Users, name, phone number, etc.


When do I consent to the use of cookies?

When Users access our Website and before they start their navigation, they will be warned about the use of Cookies, so that the Users may give their consent as regards our Cookies Policy. If Users do not accept the use of Cookies, they shall stop navigating and leave the Website or follow the browser instructions to disable Cookies, exactly as explained below.


Data Protection and Cookies

Sinergium Biotech, by the automatic collection of the Website information through cookies, shall collect personal data of the Users, related to their computing device, use of the Website, or their behavior patterns. This information may include information about the language, keywords, date, time, how long the User stays on certain pages, IP address, advertising identification, the section of the page visited by the User, and similar information about the use of the Website. Sinergium Biotech may collect such information by using cookies.

In such a sense, the provisions of the Privacy Policy shall apply to the information that identifies or allows the identification of the Users.


How can I disable and block cookies?

At any time, the User shall be able to disable Cookies and keep on navigating, though the navigation shall be limited and might be blocked at any time. The User shall be able to block or disable them in the browser setting, which allows rejecting the store of all Cookies or a part of them. Most browsers allow the possibility to inform the existence of Cookies or automatically reject them. If you reject cookies, you may continue using our Website, although some functions shall be limited, which shall negatively affect your experience on our Website.

Unless Users had adjusted their browser settings, our systems shall create Cookies when accessing the Website and accepting our Cookies Policy. Please consider that all browsers allow the adjustment of their setting for such cases.


How can I revoke my consent?

Users may, at any time, revoke their consent related to Cookies use, to do so, Users should delete all Cookies stored on their computer or mobile in the setting menu of the Internet browser.

However, we inform you that the deletion or disabling of Cookies may affect the functionalities of our Website and limit access to certain areas or functionalities provided through the Website.