Ethics and Integrity

of Integrity

The Program of Integrity is a set of tools formed by internal procedures, actions, and measures, whose application promotes a culture of ethics and transparency within our organization. Its purpose is to ensure the ethical behavior of all members of Sinergium, in either in-company relations as well as with people from outside the company. Besides, it prevents corruption crimes and strengthens the fulfillment of our institutional mission and vision goals.

The elements that form our Program of Integrity are:

  • Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • Ethics Code
  • Politics of Integrity
  • Risk analysis
  • Regular Training
  • Internal Procedures
  • Ethics Line

If you want to know more about our Code and Politics, you can Access to:

Ethics Line

The Ethics Line is a means to report situations or events that breach our Program of Integrity. It is confidential and it can be even accessed anonymously.

In any event or suspicion of breach of our Program of Integrity regulations, or violation of applicable law, it is expected that those of us who are part of Sinergium –or third parties- give immediate notice to the Ethics and Compliance Officer. The Ethics Line can be also reached as follows:

Ethics Line

No retaliation

No retaliation will occur against those who file claims in good faith, no matter the channel used. This measure includes questions, concerns, or search for advice about a situation, and it also stands for when cooperating by providing information in a potential investigation of a breach.

We are expected to report any event or suspicion of retaliation.