Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, Compliance with Law 25,326 for Personal Data Protection.

It is a priority for Sinergium Biotech to guarantee privacy, respect intimacy, and protect the Personal Data of VISITORS AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS on the Website (hereinafter, ‘THE WEBSITE’). 

To access and/or use some sections of the WEBSITE, it is required that VISITOR and/or HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS complete a registration or subscription form where they shall provide certain personal data (hereinafter, ’PERSONAL DATA’)

Sinergium Biotech, through this notice, informs about its Privacy, Respect for Intimacy, and Personal Data Protection Policy so that VISITORS and HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS freely and voluntarily choose whether they shall provide their PERSONAL DATA that may be required from them or may or be obtained at the time of accessing and/or visiting certain sections of the WEBSITE. Certain sections may contain particular accessing conditions with specific provisions about PERSONAL DATA protection. Please read them carefully.

PERSONAL DATA gathered by Sinergium Biotech through the WEBSITE shall be incorporated into an electronic file of personal data of which Sinergium Biotech shall be the owner and responsible (hereinafter, ‘THE FILE’).

The incorporation of PERSONAL DATA in THE FILE and its treatment pursues:

  1. The development of metrics about which sections of our WEBSITE are interesting for the Users
  2. The adaptation of the WEBSITE to the preferences and likes of the VISITORS and HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS.
  3. The CONTENT development, the sending, by any means, of technical, operative, and commercial information about the products and services offered by Sinergium Biotech S.A
  4. The gathering and treatment of PERSONAL DATA may additionally include the sending of survey forms, that neither VISITORS nor HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS are obliged to complete.

The incorporation of THE FILE and PERSONAL DATA treatment requires that VISITORS and HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS that register or subscribe at explicitly give their consent. Through THE WEBSITE, Sinergium Biotech Laboratory provides the proper technical resources so that, before giving consent, they can access this notice about the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy or any other relevant information. Any of these circumstances shall be previously and duly informed, in those cases and manner lawfully required. 

All VISITORS and/or HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS that complete any of the registration or subscription forms of the WEBSITE have the rights acknowledged by Law 25,326 for Personal Data Protection, already guaranteed and can be executed, especially the rights of access, withdrawal, update, amendment, and deletion, by contacting Sinergium Biotech to the following postal mail address: AV CORDOBA 950 PISO 12 OFICINA D CIUDAD AUTONOMA DE BUENOS AIRES.

VISITORS and HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS guarantee and account for, in any case, the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the PERSONAL DATA they provide, and commit to keeping them duly updated.

If you have any questions or requirements about this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact Sinergium Biotech by phone at +54 9 11 3220 -7300


Conditions of Access and Visit

Acceptance of these Terms

By using THE WEBSITE, you accept the Privacy, Respect for Intimacy, and Personal Data Protection Policy. If you do not accept, please do not use THE WEBSITE. Periodically Sinergium Biotech may modify the terms of its Privacy Policy, to include the treatment of new issues and/or reflect changes that may affect the treatment of your PERSONAL DATA. In due time, Sinergium Biotech may introduce such changes as they occur, in such a way VISITORS shall know which PERSONAL DATA is collected, the purpose of such collection, what type of treatment they shall receive, and which are the cases they may be revealed or assigned to third-parties. If you continue to access and visit THE WEBSITE after any changes in this Privacy Policy, it will be understood that you have accepted such changes. 



To provide VISITORS and HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS with better and customized attention, Sinergium Biotech may access to certain non-specific information about them, which may be any type of information other than PERSONAL DATA provided when completing the corresponding form. Such access shall be carried out by using cookie technology and/or tracking IP addresses.

To improve the area of interest of THE WEBSITE, such technology may collect information about the web pages visited, the moments in which different WEBSITE sections are visited and the links created from THE WEBSITE. Such non-specific information shall be used by Sinergium Biotech, and/or THE WEBSITE operators to understand the way VISITORS access and use THE WEBSITE and the available CONTENTS. By doing so, we will know which web pages of THE WEBSITE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS prefer, which need to be improved, and which technology is in use to enhance THE WEBSITE quality.

Your browser, same as those of the others, may be set to accept cookies. In this case, and if you do not wish to provide Non-Specific Information, we suggest you set your browser to reject cookies or to inform you when a WEBSITE tries to send them to you. If you do so, please consider that some Internet sites, as well as some sectors of THE WEBSITE, may not work properly.

Voluntary nature of PERSONAL DATA questions

Except in those required fields necessary for the registration, the answers to PERSONAL DATA questions included in the registration form are voluntary, the lack of response to such questions does not imply a decrease in THE WEBSITE CONTENT unless otherwise indicated.

Access, update, disable, amend, and delete PERSONAL DATA

In compliance with Law 25,326, Sinergium Biotech acknowledges the rights to access, update, disable, amend, and delete personal data provided at the time of completing registration or subscription forms. Thus, the holders of the personal data that may have registered on THE WEBSITE may, at any time, get information about all their PERSONAL DATA added to THE FILE and, if appropriate for them, may request their update, disabling, amendment and/or deletion. To execute such rights, please send a written request to the following postal mail address: AV CORDOBA 950 PISO 12 OFICINA D, CIUDAD AUTONOMA DE BUENOS AIRES addressed to Sinergium Biotech -Ref: RECTIFICACIÓN DATOS PERSONALES, stating your name and surname, identity document number, professional license number, private password, specific request, and postal mail address as well as e-mail address where you wish to be notified of the decision taken.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any construction and/or dispute related to all or part of this Privacy, Respect for Intimacy, and Data Protection Policy, or on its compliance by Sinergium Biotech, shall be settled at the National Lower Courts of the City of Buenos Aires (Tribunales Nacionales Ordinarios de la Capital Federal), waiving VISITORS and/or HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS to any other jurisdiction that may hear in the case. In addition, for the above-mentioned purposes, the laws of the Republic of Argentina shall solely govern, excluding any rule in their International Law System and/or any other rule that orders the govern of any foreign law.