Pneumococcus is a pathogen almost exclusively human that causes a huge amount of infections (pneumonia, sinusitis, peritonitis, etc.) and severe invasive processes (meningitis, sepsis, etc.), particularly in the elderly, children, and immuno-compromised people. It is the main microorganism to cause community-acquired pneumonia (CAP).

Pneumococcus is part of the usual human microbiota and can be found in the mouth and the pharynx, especially in children and people older than sixty years old. It spreads through drops of saliva.

There is a conjugated vaccine that covers thirteen serotypes and it is recommended for children younger than two years old in a series of four doses. In the older ones and adults - sequential vaccination schedule- Do not need a physician's order. It is recommended to receive the vaccine against seasonal and pandemic influenza.

1st dose: VCN13. 2nd dose: VPN23 with a minimum interval of 12 months after VCN13.

Prevenar 13
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